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 Arts, A/V Technology and Communications




COMPUTER PROGRAMMING 1 (First Semester) / VIDEO GAME DESIGN (Second Semester)

(1st Year Courses are blocked for 2 periods)


Grade: 10-12

Suggested Prerequisite: Principles of Information Technology or Art I

Course Duration: 36 Weeks

Credit: 2


Computer Programming 1 introduces students to the Python programming language which is used in game development..

Video Game Design will allow students to explore one of the largest industries in the global marketplace and the new emerging careers it provides in the field of technology. Students will learn gaming, computerized gaming, evolution of gaming, artistic aspects of perspective, design, animation, technical concepts of collision theory, and programming logic. Students will participate in a simulation of a real video game design team while developing technical proficiency in constructing an original game design.


Software used:  Unity, Blender, Sketch Nation Create, Tinkercad, UDK, Visual Studio, Pivot





(2nd Year Courses are blocked for 2 periods)


Grade: 11-12

Prerequisite: Video Game Design/Computer Programming 1

Course Duration: 36 Weeks

Credit: 2

Certification:  MTA Introduction to Python


In this course, students continue to explore the gaming programming language C++.  Animation and game development will be explored using Unreal Engine 4. 

Students will also use an app builder website to create their own apps.


Software used:  Unity, Blender, Visual Studio, UE4, MIT App Inventor 2





(3rd Year Course)


Grade: 12

Prerequisite: A minimum of two high school Information Technology (IT) courses

Course Duration: 36 weeks

Credit: 2


In the Practicum in Information Technology, students will gain advanced knowledge and skills in the application, design, production, implementation, maintenance, evaluation, and assessment of products, services, and systems. Knowledge and skills in the proper use of analytical skills and application of IT concepts and standards are essential to prepare students for success in a technology-driven society. Critical thinking, IT experience, and product development will be conducted in a classroom setting.  Students "Game Pitch" an original video game idea to a panel and the end of the school year.



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Wk Jan 6
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ext. 33619
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9:15 - 10:35
dates to remember
August 15 - First day
  7:45 Tardy Bell
September 23 - Open House
October 10 - End of 1st 9 Weeks
October 11 - Teacher Work Day
October 14 - Teacher Inservice
November 11 - Verteran's Day Holiday
November 25-29 - Thanksgiving Break