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(Public Service Endorsement)
Grade: 10-12

Course Duration: 36 Weeks
Credits: 3 (Triple Block @ Career & Technology Institute
Suggested Prerequisite: 
    * Selection process may apply depending on preregistration numbers
License Available:
  • Cosmetology Operators License

  • $55 Certification Exam (Written)
  • $75 Practical Exam
Course Description:
The Cosmetology program is a two year program comprised of Cosmetology I and Cosmetology II. Cosmetology includes the knowledge and application of the principles and practices of the treatment of the hair, skin, and nails in accordance with licensing requirements. Students will develop the skills required to be competitive in the field of cosmetology including cutting, coloring, texture services, waxing, and styling. In addition, students will also develop highly needed skills for success: group participation, leadership, appropriate work habits, safety and sanitation procedures, customer service, and communication with workers as well as clientele. Students are expected to earn 500 hours each year through the completion of Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR) curriculum. Cosmetology is regulated by the state of Texas, and students must complete all graduation requirements and successfully pass a written and practical exam in order to receive their cosmetology license. This program requires extended attendance on designated evenings and Saturdays.
Class Schedule:
Cosmetology 1

Cosmetology 2

Lab (Shop Days)

Contact Info
ext. 33615
Conference Period